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Aladdin and the last month

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Thursday was the 31st of May, the last day of the month, and the celebration of Children's Day, which is an official holiday in China.
For a couple of weeks we'd been working on a play together with 15 students, and on the day of celebration they were finally going to show their hard work to their parents, teachers and fellow students.
It was a day of joy for most of the kids. The classrooms were nicely decorated with balloons, tables full of food, and music in the background. Every class had a number of performances in their respective classrooms, and were busy for a couple of hours before returning home for a further celebration.
We performed the play Aladdin, twice. I can't even tell how proud we were of our hardworking, going -to - be stars! It was a good time working with them. We had fun, worked hard and made many nice memories. We caught ourselves many times in calling them their "acting name" instead of real name, and to us they are just Abu, Aladdin, Jasmin etc.

Three of us were in charge of the play, while the other three had their own performances. The singing team became a part of our play, and the debate team performed very well in the auditorium.

In the afternoon we were invited out to dinner with our boss and teamleader, and almost in time we arrived at the buff├ęt restaurant. It was crowded because of Children's day, and many of our students at the Primary School went over the top when meeting us. They chatted for a while or greeted us with a big smile. It made me think about how few of my students I know or even recognize, but all those 1500 beings they know me. Strange world.

And with the end of the celebration, we entered a new month; June. The last month of our time here in China. In a couple of weeks we'll be busy packing our bags and suitcases, which will be double the size of when we arrived, and we'll be heading off to wherever the wind blows. We have to say goodbye to everything which has become known to us here in Changsha... and these thoughts made me think. Think about our memories here, think about whether I'm going to miss my life in China or not, think about what I'm going to do when I come home, about studies next year, about my friends and family back home, and friends and family here, about holiday and planning trips. Yes, the fact that we entered the last month here made me think about all this.
And I've to be honest with you, and frankly tell you that I'm looking forward to the closure, to go home with the certificate safe in my pocket, and loads of memories written down on the pages of my diary. When I look back, the time in China has gone incredibly quick, and yet it has lasted for a long, long time. And that is the strange thing with time. Time is so abstract.

This weekend we had three days off, because of Children's Day, and decided to stay in Changsha only. The days were spend lazy hanging around in the apartment, go for a swim, teach ourselves the backflip (which by the way was immensly fun), painting, reading books and going to starbucks. Also an argument, man in black (the movie), sweet popcorns and surprising early mornings were included in our weekend. Lesson planning was porsponed until Sunday afternoon, and now the week has began again. The last lesson plan for grade six has been made, and the second last for grade 1, 2 and 3.

And all this is a superficial part of life here in China.

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