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I wish to be a king

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A night out in Changsha is fun!! The day after too.

Early the next morning I can see her running down the lane, entering the park. People are passing by. They give her stares, and I can hear them think "What the hell is she doing?". She doesn't care. With music in her ears and the bright sun on her skin, a forest that surrounds her, and her legs making a move, she is absorbed in her own little world. The beat of the music is her breath, the melody is her voice, and the rhythm are her legs.

When reaching home, duty is calling, and lesson plans have to be made. We decide to give the students a taste of a western festival. It fits perfectly well, because after all its Easter next Sunday. While the night sets in, the last preparations are made, the apartment is cleaned and new washed sheets are spread on the bed.

Together with the sunrise, five incredible individuals are entering my room singing "happy birthday". I'm turning twenty!! It's crazy, but true. The one is replaced by a two. For ten years a 1 was included in my age. Not anymore. I don't know how many times I'm going to repeat myself, but time IS flying. It seems just like yesterday that my sister and I were playing with our homemade dolls, that we were acting Snow white in the garden, that we were drawing pictures of Easter bunnies, making huts in the trees, and believing in Sinterklaas.
Now we all are grown up. We have moved apart and we don't play or dress up anymore. We are not six anymore... But we are in our twenties and thirties... Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock from ticking, sometimes I wish I could freeze the moment. The frozen moments become nice memories.

Wisdom word of the day: Don't act like a child, but be like a child. Even though we grow up, our personality doesn't.

It's my birthday, and my dear friends gave me a beautiful poster with words - made by Emma, and funny pictures of us. They gave me a set of painting as well !! I can't wait to start to paint!

I forgot to mention that it went from winter to summer in one day. The sun is shining and it's above 20 degrees. Perfect weather, perfect day and perfect people. What more do you wish for?

Before I end this entry, I would like to share some culture snack with you:

In china, being employed by the Government or being employed by a company is a difference of day and night. If you are employed by a private company you earn less, and get paid only 10 month a year. You have to pay your rent of your accommodation yourself and would not get any vacation money. Whereas if you are employed by the Government, the state will pay most of your rent, give you vacation money and pay you full salary for 14,5 months a year. You are secure for the rest of your life. That is why most people in China try to achieve to become a regular worker, as it is called. They have to pass a couple of exams to do so, and the competition is high.

Especially for man it is important to have this social security. The girls don't want to have a relationship with a guy who doesn't have house, secure job or earn little. Even though China is said to be a communist country, there is a huge competition going on! And you have to push your way through if you want to reach the top.

During a trip from one campus to the other, we asked one of our colleagues if people in China get the possibility to vote at all. He answered "No, that is not our business. We can't choose anything regarding politics. The only thing we can choose is which girl we want to marry..."

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